LUBBOCK, Texas — Tax appraisals have made their way out and property owners are not happy with the 13% increase on top of the 16% increase last year.

According to numbers provided by the Lubbock Central Appraisal District, median percentages have increased almost four times over since 2020.

The chief appraiser with the Lubbock central appraisal district said the increase is caused by the market value of the home, not improvements done by the owner. 

“Whether the home has been improved or the home has not been, we’re seeing an increased value in the property is what a willing buyer is willing to pay for that property, and that’s what we’re reporting in our appraisals,” Radloff said. 

Radloff said they can only do so much on their side while appraising the home from afar.

“We just do everything from the street,” Radloff said. “We don’t have the knowledge of what’s going on inside that property, the best way to get that knowledge is from the property owner.”

Radloff recommends bringing evidence that can prove the home’s value inside and out.  

“If they bring us pictures, we’ll look at pictures, we like to see if we can see the damage or we can see the fact that it hasn’t been updated since 1960, we love that because then we can make an adjustment to that property,” Radloff said. 

Donna Sue Clements with the Lubbock Association of Realtors recommends finding a trusted realtor and getting a comparative market analysis, or CMA, on homes similar to yours in your area and what their values are. Also, filing a Homestead exemption, which is free.

“I would encourage everyone to make sure that they have their homestead exemption filed on their home because, by the Texas Legislature’s mandate, it says that your property taxes can only go up 10% per year as a homestead exempt property, if you have that homestead exemption filed, it is going to save you money off your tax assessment,” Clements said. 

Radloff said not to leave that appraisal just lying around, and getting it done as soon as possible.

“I think the best opportunity right now is for the general public to come down and visit with one of our appraisers rather than waiting for the formal process,” Radloff said.  

The appraisal district said you have up until April 28th to walk-in to protest. After that, you will have to file protests online. The deadline to file is May 15.