Lubbock Co. records available to public before Tuesday included SSNs, other sensitive information

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Lubbock County Courthouse (Nexstar/Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas — A software switch in Lubbock County caused hundreds of individuals’ data to be made available to the public, including poorly redacted Social Security Numbers and graphic images of abuse. It was not clear how long the information was available, but the software switch was made in early August.

The Lubbock County Defense Lawyers Association said it was made aware September 10 that the data was made available to the public following the software switch. Lubbock County said in a statement it first learned about the issue Tuesday.

A person familiar with a family law case in the county allowed to see one of the documents that had been open to the public.

Sensitive information was included in the document, including tax returns and graphic images of abuse provided to the court.

Social Security Numbers in the tax return were poorly redacted and could be read in full at multiple points in the document.

As of Tuesday evening, all documents – including the one provided to – were no longer available to the public. People could still find basic information on some court cases by searching for the person’s first and last name, but no court documents were accessible.

Lubbock County said the access portal was temporarily blocked until the county can identify which court records may be assessed by the general public.

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