LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock County Commissioners approved application criteria for more than $58.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. The county has access to more than $60.3 million of ARPA funding.

Lubbock County meets in joint session with the Lubbock City Council on Wednesday to collaborate on aid, especially as it relates to small business help.

During the Monday meeting, the commissioners heard about the federal requirements for funding –especially as it relates to new equipment for volunteer firefighters.

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Awards Attachment funding for Lubbock County American Rescue Plan

The current funding designation by Lubbock County left a little less than $1.8 million of funding unassigned. The designation called for $10 million for a medical examiner’s building. It called for more than $2 million for various volunteer fire departments in Lubbock County. It also called for $5 million for small business economic assistance, $7 million to repair McMillan Dam at Buffalo Springs Lake and a list of other items.

ARPA is a $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package. Among other things, it provided $350 billion for state and local governments. NACO, the National Association of Counties, said $65.1 billion of the money was “direct, flexible aid to every county in America.”

NACO provided the following list of ARPA funding amounts

  • Bailey County $1,359,668
  • Borden County $127,032
  • Cochran County $554,162
  • Crosby County $1,114,345
  • Dawson County $2,472,265
  • Dickens County $429,461
  • Floyd County $1,109,489
  • Gaines County $4,174,569
  • Garza County $1,209,910
  • Hale County $6,488,724
  • Hockley County $4,471,559
  • Kent County $148,010
  • Lamb County $2,504,314
  • Lubbock County $60,324,387
  • Lynn County $1,155,912
  • Motley County $233,086
  • Scurry County $3,244,362
  • Terry County $2,396,318
  • Yoakum County $1,692,398

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