LUBBOCK, Texas – A Lubbock Cooper parent raised concerns after her fifth grader managed to leave school twice within two days.  

“I’m scared for him to be here,” said the Lubbock Cooper Parent who chose to stay anonymous. She said her nine year old has ADHD and autism and she worries for his safety on the school campus. 

Her son left school grounds on Tuesday, August 23 and said she was not notified until after the incident happened.

“He was retrieved in the field that was closest to Frankford over by the fifth grade pods. He ran circles in the field and he was eventually restrained and brought back into the building,” said the parent. 

She told that they ran into the same problem the next day. Her son left campus, crossed Frankford Avenue and made his way home. She said he was gone for almost thirty minutes until she was notified. 

“They didn’t really realize that there was a problem and he left and that time, they didn’t follow him out of the school,” said the parent. “They said he just exited the pod, walked across the street and through the neighborhood and went home.”

She says her son is currently in general education classes and the district has attempted to put her son in a small learning group.

“I saw that this morning, the small learning group was not a group, there was a room with one desk and there were, I mean, a couple of behavioral people but there was there was no other kids,” the parent said

Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District released a statement in regards to the situation.

“The District is legally prohibited from speaking on private student matters. However, Lubbock-Cooper ISD is committed to working with parents, and all stakeholders to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all students.”

The parent hopes that the district is able to help come up with a resolution that ensures her son’s safety.

“I hope that they can keep them safe. I want them to make the facility, the campus safer for all of the kids because anybody could do it, anybody could leave.”