Lubbock County Commissioner discusses rescue plan funding on McMillan Dam

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Image courtesy of Buffalo Springs Lake

LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock County Commissioner for Precinct 2 Jason Corely spoke Friday on the details behind the future funding for Lubbock County, including repairs on McMillan Dam.

McMillan Dam, part of Buffalo Springs Lake, is controlled by Lubbock County Water Control, Corely said.

“The McMillan Dam has not had any major repairs since it was built,” the commissioner said. “There was an issue in the past about springs popping up in the dam.”

The county designated $7 million to go toward the dam, Corely said, and it may take several years for the project to get completed

On Monday, Lubbock County Commissioners will meet. On the agenda is an item to designate items worth nearly $60 million under the American Rescue Plan Act.

“We have a deadline on having the money spent…I believe it is 2026,” the commissioner said.

According to the plan, there is around $2 million that is unassigned.

“That is going to be for just in case something runs over,” Corely said. “Say if we have more applicants than intended, the money will go to that.”

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