LUBBOCK, Texas— With school back in session, parents are back to busy roads on their morning commute. Many of those roads causing heavy traffic include Woodrow Road.

Lubbock County Commissioner of Precinct 1, Terence Kovar, said plans to expand the road will be wrapping up soon.

“It’s going to become from two lanes to a five-lane for approximately five miles,” Commissioner Kovar said. “We’ve been moving utilities ever since and purchasing right of way, there are 48 parcels of right of way to buy right now, we only need to purchase two more, but we are under an agreement so we can move the utilities.”

Commissioner Kovar said the $37 million road bond will be one of the biggest in the county. It will take a lot of time, planning and resources before they can break ground. 

Commissioner Kovar mentioned they will set a date next month during a meeting with contractors on when and where the construction will begin. He said they hope to begin in August 2024, if weather permits.

“The exciting news is we’re getting close to starting construction next month,” Commissioner Kovar said. “We are having a planning meeting, that’s where the planning is going to take place of the exact start date and where they want to start, and which direction they’re going to move.”

One of the things halting the project is acquiring the land to widen the road, which Commissioner Kovar said has been the most challenging part, but they have purchased almost all the rights of ways needed. 

Commissioner Kovar asked the public to watch out for each other on busy roads, and in school zones and to proceed with caution in construction areas.

“We’re going to have a lot of new drivers out there, and I want them to be safe and cautious,” Commissioner Kovar said. 

Commissioner Kovar said that construction will be estimated to take two years. He also said for parents in those area schools to keep an eye out on the district page, as they provide more updates on construction.