LUBBOCK, Texas– On Monday, the Lubbock County Commissioners Court unanimously appointed Dr. Charles Addington as the acting Chief Medical Examiner for Lubbock County

The commissioners court had previously accepted the resignation letter of Dr. John Lang, the former acting chief medical examiner on Monday morning.

Addington was appointed in the emergency meeting due to the emergency and urgent public necessity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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However, Judge Curtis Parrish took the time to publicly thank Lang for the work he did in his time as the acting chief medical examiner.

“I would like to publicly thank Dr. Lang. He came in at the time when we were definitely needing a medical examiner to clear out some of our backlog. Dr. Lang was very effective in doing that and helping us close a chapter,” Parrish said.

The sole purpose for initially hiring Lang was so he could sign off on deaths warrants and to help clean up the chaos from the previous

To say that Lubbock County’s office of medical examiner has encountered serious problems in the last few years would be an understatement.

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