LUBBOCK, Texas – Officials in charge of the Lubbock County Expo Center met Wednesday to discuss budgets, phases, and different strategies with the developer, Garfield Public Private.

They said unforeseen circumstances over the past two years delayed the progress more than they hoped. However, meeting once a month with the Local Government Corporation once a month helped move things in the right direction.

They said a project of such magnitude requires money, planning and dedication; and a lot of each. Randy Jordan, the Chairman for the LCEC Board and Tim Collins, the Vice Chairman for LGC said they’ve got it all.

For the design phases, “Our developer put together a budget of just a little over $5 million. And as of today, we’re under budget,” Jordan said.

“When we go to construction, we will be able to take hard bids, we’ll get a firm price and a commitment from the general contractor for a set amount and then that budget would be established,” Collins added.

Construction will be broken down into three phases. Jordan explained them, “Phase one would be the arena and the warmup area and the parking spaces for the for the arena. Phase two would be completing the warmup area and building what we can refer to as Exhibit Hall, which would complete that component. And then phase three would be the equestrian barn, and all the parking and RV.”

They plan for phase one to cost around $90 million, and altogether, the project is estimated to be around $120 million. This money, coming mostly from the county’s hotel and rental car tax.

So far, Jordan said a lot of infrastructure needed has been completed. “Drake street there on the north boundary has been completed our our waterway on the east side and lowered the drain water has been complete water and sewer to the expo site has been completed,” he explained.

Collins and Jordan are hopeful ground will be broken before the end of 2022. If that happens, it’s a possibility to be walking in the Expo Center by 2024 or 2025.