LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock County Commissioner of Precinct 2, Jason Corley and his daughter have been picking up firework trash the day after the fourth of July for the past three years. 

“It’s sad that we have to do this every year and I’ve been in office now for three years and all three years we come out and plead with the public, ‘please pick up after yourself, please don’t burn the county down,’ and we still pick up trash,” said Corley. 

TxDot and Lubbock County Road Crews still clean up trash left behind from fireworks, but Corley says residents should still be responsible for trash they leave behind. 

“Bring a trash sack with you, you know, bring some water to put out your fireworks so that you can take those with you. We’d really prefer people not come out here and pop fireworks in the ditch next to a busy road,” said Corley. 

Big or small, firework trash of any kind is not only a fire hazard, but can also be toxic and dangerous to crops that are often in the fields people launch fireworks in. 

“Pick it up because it’s poisoning crops and all, so you would pick up your trash and not start fires,” said Corley’s daughter, Quinn. 

Corley also recommends trying to find a safer location to light fireworks than the side of the road.

“Imagine having your kids out here on the side of the road at night shooting fireworks, it’s really not a safe situation,” said Corley. “But the problem is, it’s not illegal to park in the right away, to park in the ditch. It’s not illegal to be out there, but the question is, ‘Is it wise?’ I would say no. No, it’s not,” said Corley.