Lubbock, Texas — The Salvation Army kicked off its Red Kettle campaign on Thursday with Lubbock County Sheriff, Kelly Rowe and the United Supermarkets.

This will be the 133rd annual campaign for the Salvation Army and is known as the single-largest annual fundraiser in Lubbock, according to a press release.

Sheriff Kelly Rowe said, “Lubbock is such a giving community and they support, you know, these types of these types of organizations just unflinching.”

As he continues to explain the importance it has in our area, “So we’ve got lots of folks that are going to have a lot of challenges during this winter season. And temperatures really started dropping.”

Rowe said he knows how giving the community is and how important it is to donate to a non-profit organization like this because it helps anyone in need.

The Salvation Army said no donation is too big or too small because the goal they have this year will be something they have seen before.

Major David Worthy of The Salvation Army, “The campaign runs for about six weeks. So from November 16 until December 23. This year’s goal is the same as last year. For last year’s goal, we actually exceeded.”

Worthy said he has never seen a community that is so giving and supportive.

He said they hope to have $200,000 by December 23.

Worthy said, “Yeah, it’s about. You know, having a dollar or a quarter dropped into the kettle. But more than that it’s about the change that happens as a result of. People caring for the needs of others.”