LUBBOCK, Texas – With the burn ban that was put in place on Monday, the Lubbock County Firefighter Association gathered to let the community know what precautions they can take to help prevent future fires, because public awareness can be more effective than the ban itself.

Creating a defensible space by not stacking wood up against your home and keeping the grass trimmed can help prevent the fire from coming closer to your home. 

Also, knowing current wind speeds can determine if it’s smart to be doing hazardous work, like welding. 

They also suggest keeping the chains on vehicles hooked properly so they’re off the ground. 

Tim Smith is the fire chief for the West Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department, and he said “If you have a wood fence, and the fire is coming your way, leave the gate open before you go. It’s crazy, right? That’s a fuse. And many times that can be the key that saves your home is to leave that gate open.”

The ban will last up to 30 days, unless otherwise extended further. Violating this ban is a Class C, punishable by a fine of up to $500. 

For more information on safety precautions and how to prevent future fires, visit the Texas A&M Forest Service website.