LUBBOCK, Texas — A couple here in Lubbock is celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary, and they shared their secrets to their lasting marriage. 

“Well, first place, the word divorce was not in her vocabulary,” said Edward Dunn, husband to Jean Dunn. 

It all started when Edward failed out of Texas A&M, saying it was the best thing to have happened to him because it landed him at the steps of Wayland Baptist College where he met his sweetheart, Jean. 

“We talked for a while on the steps on the east side of the building and we talked for about three hours. I didn’t tell too many lies, of course you exaggerate a little bit but that’s when we met, thank God,” recalls Edward. 

Edward and Jean married on December 4, 1947. Their marriage withstanding the test of time, as they still recall their favorite memories as if it were only yesterday. 

“She kicked me in the shin, she hit me with her fist in the nose and it was so funny,” said Edward, recalling a moment after he had almost gotten Jean’s hair dirty after she had just got it done. 

The Dunn family moved around before finally retiring in New Mexico. “They farmed in Lamesa, and my mother taught 1st grade. We lived there until 1966 when dad quit farming and we moved to Lubbock so he could finish his college degree. Mom taught with LISD. In 1971 they moved to Germany and taught school for DODDS in Bitburg and Wiesbaden. They retired in 1990 and built a log cabin in Ruidoso New Mexico where they have lived since retirement,” says Anita Evans, Daughter of Edward and Jean. 

Although Jean now has dementia, she’d still pick Edward out of any crowd, “As a girl running around, you already had in mind what kind of guy you wanted to marry and he was it,” said Jean. 

“It showed me that you are supposed to love each other, help each other and support each other,” said Evans. 

Edward said after “75 years, three children, seven grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren, we still love each other.”