WOLFFORTH, Texas — Sarah Smith and Jeffrey Statham said a near death experience on February 11 still keeps them up at night.

The couple was driving on Highway 62 about 6 miles north of Ropesville on Saturday evening when they said a white Dodge truck veered into their lane and pushed them off the road.

Their car hit a median, a street sign and went airborne at one point until it rolled over three times and finally came to a stop.  

“We were barreling down and I tried to brake as best as a car can brake in the grass, but we just weren’t slowing down.” said Smith, “At that point, I felt like that was it.” 

The couple saw their lives flash before their eyes.

“I see glass everywhere and I’m just yelling for Jeff just to see like, ‘are you awake? Are you okay?Like please say something, please,” said Smith. 

Several cars pulled over to help, but the couple said the white truck continued driving. 

“By the time I had gotten out, the truck had gone. It hurts to think that someone can nearly kill two people and just run away and act like it never happened,” said Smith.

The horrific ordeal left her husband with a broken vertebra, needing surgery to fuse his spine, and Sarah with several scrapes and bruises. Despite the wreckage, they say they’re just grateful to still have each other and are lucky to be alive. 

“Every little thing feels so special now, we’ve had a lot of movie nights, but it just felt even better. Just knowing that we’re still here and we can still laugh about things and smile together, everything is just twice, twice as special now.”

While they both have a long road to recovery, the couple is asking for anyone with any information from the wreck or on the white truck to come forward, you can bring information to Sarah at her Facebook here. 

To help the couple with their medical expenses you can donate to their Venmo at @Jeff-Statham or @Patty_cake98.