LUBBOCK, Texas – After Sunday evening’s storm across the Hub City, many city crews and residents in the area spent their Monday cleaning up the aftermath.

The Parks and Recreation department spent most of their time around Clapp Park and Avenue U, where multiple powerlines went down, along with tree debris throughout the park.

Lubbock Power and Light said initially, 4,300 customers were out of power. However, they were able to get around 1,500 restored within the hour and another 1,000 were restored within two hours.

Matt Rose with LP&L added, “Lightning struck equipment throughout the city, and struck our equipment kind of in vital places. And so crews really, once the storm passed through, crews immediately were in the field.”

He explained 12 poles were broken and had to be replaced completely, and eight large transformers went down. Mike Fallin with the Parks and Recreation Department was one of many city workers out Monday picking up branches and sawing trees just to get the debris out of the way.

He said that when he got to Clapp Park, he thought it was a small tornado that hit the ground. He expected the crews would spend all day out there and maybe even some of Tuesday morning. “We’ll be here until it’s safe enough for people to enjoy the park,” he added.

Mark Keith is a resident on 40th street, and he and his girlfriend’s brand-new car was completely buried under a tree that split and fell into their driveway.

“We came home to a nightmare, because I went to pull up in my driveway, and all I could see is this big old tree laying in front of my yard,” he said. Thankfully, Monday afternoon, their driveway had been cleared, but the debris was still laying around. Residents in the area appreciate any and all help during the clean-up process.

LP&L said they are ready for any other potential storms in the near future, but they’ll have to monitor their equipment in the coming weeks to make sure their systems are running properly.