LUBBOCK, Texas – City employees have been working around the clock to ensure roadways are safe during the snowstorm. 

“Right now I’m driving the roads that I was given to do and just make sure that they’re safe and free of any snow or ice or anything that could be a hazard to the citizens. It could really be a safety concern,” said Raul Garcia, Crew Leader for the City of Lubbock’s Street Department. 

Garcia is one of the many crew members patrolling the roadways in snow plows and sand trucks on a twelve hour rotation shift.

“Once we’re starting to get cold, I’ll know about what time that I’m really going to have to pay attention and start shooting that salt out,” said Garcia. “I constantly keep watch on it and once it starts to ice up, I’m able to shoot it with some sand and just continue to have it melting.” 

Garcia ends his shift at twelve at night until the next crew member takes over as the roads begin to ice over with the drop in temperatures. 

While the roads were clear from ice most of the day, Lubbock police wants to remind drivers to stay cautious as the moisture on roads could ice over in the night. 

“Luckily, we didn’t experience a tremendous amount of collisions today. As a department, we’re always out there watching road conditions and making sure driver’s behaviors match the road conditions and that things are moving smoothly,” said Lieutenant Brady Cross with the Lubbock Police Department.  

As city crew members continue to clear the roadways, drivers are reminded to stay vigilant. 

“Just because the posted speed limit is 65 or 70 there’s, always alter your speeds to drive to the road conditions,” said Cross.