LUBBOCK, Texas — Delivery and ride share drivers are still working through the winter weather while taking extra precaution. For a handful of drivers, being a part of Uber, Uber Eats, Doordash, Lyft, etc. is a lifestyle. For others, it’s a part time job.

Rose Novian, a Lubbockite that works for Uber and Lyft, has been doing this side gig for about 6 years, giving rides across Texas.

“This is my normal this is my full time. This is what I do… I go out of town, and I stay here local,” Novian said.

Novian said she continues to do this through harsh weather conditions because people need rides.

“I just have to be super careful. That’s the main thing about this driving slow, especially other people depending on me. And I’ve got to watch for others, too, because, oh my God, I’ve had some crazy drivers, like yesterday almost run into me. So, it was crazy. It’s slick out there,” Novian said.

Verenice Velarde works for uber eats and Door Dash and she’s been doing it part time for about three months.

“Most of the time people see you’re going out of your way to try to complete those orders and like, do it in the weather. So, yeah, people are more likely to take you a higher amount or just thank you more for the service,” Velarde said.

Both drivers recommended that if you aren’t comfortable with driving out in the winter weather, hop on to the apps and let others it for you.