The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock has a Thursday deadline to release the names of those “credibly accused” of sexual abuse. 

In October, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops said all 15 dioceses in Texas would review their files and compile a comprehensive list of every clergy – including bishops, priests and deacons – who have been “credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor.”

The lists will include both those who have been charged and those who have not been charged with a crime. 

Some have criticized the Catholic church because in Texas, there is a duty to report child abuse with no exception for clergy or even attorneys. 

There are 1,320 Catholic parishes and 8.5 million members statewide, according to the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops.  

Unlike other areas of Texas, the Lubbock list is expected to go back no further than June of 1983 when the Lubbock Diocese was formed. 

There are 63 parishes across 25 counties for the Lubbock Diocese. 

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