Steven Lawrence Forcum, 32, of Lubbock was sentenced on Friday to 17 and-a-half years in federal prison.  Forcum pleaded guilty in January to a conspiracy charge related to fentanyl. 

Court records in more than one local fentanyl case have consistently said that fentanyl is deadly even in small doses.  

As part of his plea deal, Forcum confessed and provided details.  He told prosecutors he sold fentanyl and its analogues for years.  He also admitted selling a kilo every two months.

Court records also showed Forcum wanted to be featured anonymously on a cable TV show for his drug-dealing efforts.  

In an email to the TV show producers, Forcum said, “It’s a booming, yet neglected sector of serious revenue. Probably more profit than any other underground industry I have seen on your black market show combined.”

The maximum sentence Forcum might have faced was 20 years.

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