LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock was officially designated a film-friendly city on Thursday by the Texas Film Commission.

Lubbock joins more than 150 cities in Texas that have gone through the process to become prospective locations to film movies, television, commercials, animations, video games and other media.

“For Lubbock, it means an opportunity to have some great films and great documentaries filmed here to really be able to promote ourselves in creative ways,” said Stacy Keith, Director of Lubbock Cultural Arts Foundation.

Keith said Lubbock is an ideal place for filming and hopes to bring more economic opportunities to the city.

“I certainly think as productions come into town if they need whether it be help with building scenery sets, to extras, to catering services where our restaurants could assist to the production by taking lunch to the crew,” said Keith. “I think that all those opportunities will start to manifest themselves.”

John Osborne, President and CEO of Visit Lubbock, said there’s also an opportunity for private property owners to get involved in the process too.

“If by chance someone is interested in filming on [their] property, or [they] feel like you have something unique that a filmmaker might want to see, they can reach out to the Lubbock Cultural Art Foundation, “said Osborne. “We will see about trying to get some still photos or some short video clips that we can use in the promotion to filmmakers about Lubbock.”