LUBBOCK, Texas — A federal grand jury indicted Justin David Musgraves for possession of child pornography. Musgraves is a City of Lubbock employee and was appointed Deputy Director of Emergency Management in late August 2020.

The indictment said Musgraves “knowingly possessed” child pornography of a prepubescent minor – that is to say a minor who had not yet reached the age of 12.

The indictment said Musgraves possessed the material from an unknown date until September 29, 2020. The indictment does not have much in the way of details. It does not say if the case is related to any other child pornography cases.

A case information sheet in the federal court docket said the offense happened in Lubbock County as opposed to one of the other counties in the Lubbock Division of the North District of Texas.

The City of Lubbock issued a statement:

City of Lubbock Addresses Personnel Question

The City of Lubbock is aware of the indictment against Justin David Musgraves. The City has fully cooperated with law enforcement and the investigation and will continue to do so.