Lubbock family accepted into medical trial that could change daughter’s life

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock family has been accepted into a competitive medical trial that could change their child’s quality of life.

Bryce Johnston, 11-years-old, was diagnosed with Alstrom’s Syndrome when she was a toddler. It’s an incredibly rare disease that affects vision, hearing, and the way she eats – however the new drug could change that.

“It’s a protein that will go to Bryce’s brain and let her know that she’s full,” said Cassie Johnston, Bryce’s mom. “Otherwise she will just keep eating and eating.”

Because Bryce doesn’t know when she is ‘full,’ a common symptom of Alstrom’s that often leads to obesity and diabetes.

“Everything for Bryce revolves around ‘what are we going to eat, when are we going to eat,” Cassie said. “By doing this we are giving her back a piece of her life, so that she isn’t under that constant pressure for food.”

The medical trial lasts 15 months, and the family is expected to return to Tennessee for multiple checkups throughout the year. It’s a big commitment for the family, but Cassie said they are happy to do it in order to help their daughter.

“Bryce is just the happiest girl, and even though she’s used to being hungry, she’s still so positive,” said Cassie. “If there is a chance this will help her, than that’s what we’re going to do.”

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