LUBBOCK, Texas — The Chapman family of Lubbock made the big screen as contestants on the popular game show, Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey.

The family said they were selected out of more than 20,000 families to compete on the show, and the hours of filming over four days was worth every moment.

Qalimetra Chapman competed alongside her husband Duane, his sister, Danielle and parents Douglas and Deidre.

“The experience was intense I will tell you that, there is just so much unknown,” Qualimetra said. “One minute you are the audience and then they pull you back and they send you somewhere else. So, it was a constant going, but there was a live audience.”

“I was nervous going in. I didn’t know how it would be with Steve Harvey, but he is hilarious,” Duane said. “What you see on the screen is what he is. The awesome thing is in between when the cameras are off. You get like a comedy show. So, he never leaves the stage, he doesn’t go back to makeup or to his booth he stays out there and just interacts with the audience.”

Qualimetra grew up wanting to compete on the show, and for her this was a dream come true.

“I don’t think they knew I was as serious as I was until we got the call back,” Qualimetra said. “They said hey we want to interview you guys on Wednesday. Everyone panicked and got together like are you serious, so it was hard to believe it was actually happening.”

The show was recorded June 2022 and aired Friday, February 3rd allowing family and friends to see it for the first time.

“Being able to see how they actually edited that just really blew my mind. It was solid, it was smooth,” Qualimetra said. “Each show probably took about an hour, at least an hour even though there were twenty-two minutes that we actually got to see on the screen.”

Duane said sharing this opportunity with the people he loves most was priceless.

“Just the experience; there is not an amusement park, there is not a dinner, there is not a movie that you could speak to that would match this experience it was amazing,” Duane said.

The family says although they did not take home the money, this is a bucket list experience they can now check off.