LUBBOCK, Texas — After 11-year-old Braylon went to the doctor after falling off a bunkbed, she told her mother, Niki Reeves, that her pain felt different. Doctors later found out the pre-teen had cancer.

“We found out it was Ewing sarcoma, which is actually the hardest bone cancer for them to actually cure, and so from there we spent 11 days in the hospital, got her first round of chemo and then we got to go home for a little bit and then we just got done with her second round, which was five days long,” Reeves said. 

Reeves has taken a leave of absence at work, to make sure she can care for Braylon and her other two children, and said she appreciates all the donations helping the family get by.

“I have to be off with her of course, through all of these chemo treatments and I do have sick leave, but that ends at the end of six months, so any little bit helps on any front,” Reeves said.

Reeves said medical staff have also done a great job at getting them through Braylon’s medical battle. 

“Their nurses were phenomenal,” Reeves said. “I mean, the doctor that she has is doctor Rahwan. He is amazing. He actually talks to her and involves her a lot in her care. So, she knows that it’s about her, not about cancer and everything like that.”

Reeves said thanks to some friends at interim hospice, who put together a fundraiser this Saturday at Kastman park, anyone can help with Braylon’s battle by picking up a brisket plate for $10, which goes directly to Braylon’s medical expenses. The Brisket plate will include a Brisket sandwich lunch and will be from 11am-2pm.  

“I have a friend that knows somebody that works in the interim and they’re actually the ones that put it all together, which is great,” Reeves said.

Braylon’s journey has just begun, and her mom said she’s glad they have the community by her side.

“Our family has definitely gone from, you know, being 5 to hundreds in a short period of time. So, thank you to everybody that’s helping,” Reeves said.

The family is waiting for answers on whether Braylon will do radiation or surgery on the tumor that’s on her lower back and she’ll continue chemo through that.

To donate any amount, visit the GoFundMe. All funds will be donated directly to Braylon’s family.