Lubbock family mourns death of woman struck and killed by car

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock Family is mourning the loss of Cynthia Portillo-Cisneros, 42, who was struck and killed by a car in Pflugerville on Sunday.

Pflugerville police said they were called out to the 2100 block of Picadilly Drive after receiving reports of a person hit by a car. When officers arrived on scene, they located Cisneros and attempted life-saving efforts.

Cisneros was transported to Round Rock Medical center where she later died, according to KXAN.

On Friday, her family spoke to Her sister, Jessica Tienda, said she wanted to tell her sister’s story in Lubbock.

“Her story’s being told in Austin and I feel like it needs to be told in Lubbock, from where she’s orginnally from,” Tienda said.

Cisneros’ niece, Brianna Maldonado, said her death has raised questions within the family.

“The story we’re hearing is not adding up to us. It’s not making sense,” Maldonado said. “So we’re wanting to speak for her and to see what we can do as a family and as a community to figure out what happened to her.”

Cisneros grew up in Lubbock and had only been living in the Austin area for about four months. Her family said she had gone to Round Rock for a job opportunity.

“She was hard working. She loved what she did. She definelty loved everybody. It didn’t matter if she just met you,” Maldonado said.

Cisneros was a mother of five and loved her family.

“Gather all the children, all of us together around the table waiting for her to serve us what she cooked,” Tienda said.

“Nobody could cook like her,” Maldonado added.

Despite their loss, the family said they can’t help but laugh. Her family combing through a large stack of photos of Cisneros, smiling as they remember her.

“Just talking about her will put a smile on your face. That’s the type of person she was,” Tienda said.

Her family said Cisneros loved taking pictures. Cisneros’ niece and sister described her as an uplifting, strong and confident woman. They loved her smile and thought of her as an inspiration.

“She was the life of the party at every get-together and that’s something we’re going to miss,” Maldonado said.

Tienda said Cisneros had been planning to return to Lubbock because she missed her family. She had a job interview set up on Wednesday.

The family said the crash is still under investigation. Police are trying to determine if she was trying to cross the street when the crash happened, and where she was trying to cross.

Funeral services for Cisneros will be held beginning on Monday.

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