Lubbock family’s Jeep stolen not once, but twice

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Abril family’s Jeep has been stolen twice in May. Nathaniel Abril walked outside to his car only to find an empty parking lot.

“At first, I thought I was looking around and thought I was being punked or something. My Jeep was gone–it was a scary moment,” Nathaniel Abril said.

Nathaniel said he believed the car was locked but later found out his daughter accidentally left one of the car doors unlocked the night before it was taken.

Luckily, the car was found only a few blocks away in a parking lot. Nothing appeared to be taken from the car. Until Nathaniel remembered there was a spare key that was misplaced.

A few weeks later after having the car returned, it was taken again.

“The second time it happened it was just two weeks later…They have my spare key,” Nathaniel said.

The Abril family contacted the authorities and filed with their insurance. The suspect allegedly had a key to the car complicates how the family can prevent the incident from happening again.

They have been advised to sell the car, but the family has grown attached to the Jeep. Nathaniel’s wife, Savannah Abril, said the idea of parting with it is a difficult decision for them.

“It would just be devastating to just have to sell it because someone just thinks they can just keep coming and taking it,” Savannah said.

Nathaniel’s Jeep is well-known to their friends and family. It is because of its reputation that the Jeep was found the second time.

A friend of Nathaniel’s, Ricky Thomas, was driving past a parking lot when he recognized the Jeep parked in a shaded spot.

“I looked off to the left, and I kind of saw the Jeep…so, we pulled up next to it, and sure enough it was,” Thomas said.

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