LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Fire Rescue talked about how Lubbockites can stay safe while also staying warm inside their homes. Captain Phillip Grandon, Lubbock Fire Rescue, said the main thing they want Lubbockites to know is to check on equipment safety.

“So, looking at smoke detector, test it. Have you changed the batteries in a while or just go up and just push little test button, make sure everything’s working okay. Carbon monoxide detector. Do you even have one? Why do you need one? If you have a gas utility, you need a carbon monoxide detector. It’s the silent killer. You can’t taste it, can’t smell it,” Captain Grandon said.

Grandon also said that they want people to do whatever they need to, to stay warm but to be safe.

“So, if that’s a space heater, you need a space heater close to your bed. Just keep it 3ft to 4ft away from your bed… And the main thing is just keeping that heat away from combustible. So bedding, clothes, furniture, whatever, give it an open area. We see this a lot where people have it too close to something and it ends up overheating and igniting,” Grandon said.

As for keeping your pets warm without risking danger, Captain Grandon said, “people like to maybe put a heat lamp or something in the pets or animals bedding area. And again, same with space heaters, is give them distance.”