LUBBOCK, Texas– Thanks to a donation from The Fetch Foundation, Lubbock Fire Rescue is now able to offer more specialized care to pets in the community when responding to fires, an LFR spokesperson said on Thursday.

“Fetch Foundation has donated 19 bags- one for each station- to ensure that all the firefighters have lifesaving equipment to be able to save pets,” said Heather Dopson, Volunteer and Ambassador from The Fetch Foundation.

The typical Fido bag comes with a DVD training video, an animal-fitting oxygen mask, water bowl, leashes, wipes, and lubricant. It also comes with gloves and a pillowcase for handling cats.

However, the oxygen masks were not included in the bags donated to Lubbock Fire Rescue, as LFR has carried oxygen masks for pets for more than 10 years.

“When we have house fires, it’s actually more common for us to find pets in homes than it is people. So, to have the tools and resources available to be able to take care of our furry friends, it’s really big,” said Deputy Chief of Lubbock Fire Rescue Nick Wilson. “I know it means a lot to the firefighters that are on scene [and] of course, it means a lot to their families and owners when we’re able to help them as well.”

Lubbock Fire Rescue shared that it has seen several instances where “we were able to revive, and get the pet to medical care [with] a good outcome. There have been a lot of successful saves thanks to this equipment that we have.”

Below is a press release from Lubbock Fire Rescue

“Lubbock Fire Rescue is honored to be the recipient of donated FIDO Bags, from The Fetch Foundation, for each one of our stations. LFR is no stranger to animal rescues, especially in the case of an unconscious pet (often one overcome by smoke).

LFR engines have carried oxygen masks for pets for over 10 years. These bags provided by The Fetch Foundation are equipped with special tools to more effectively treat pets at the scene of a fire. Leashes and other gear included in the FIDO Bag are items are not normally carried by fire personnel.

The Fetch Foundation is a nonprofit charity located in Arizona with a vision of having a Fido Bag on every fire engine in the country. Marie Peck, the Foundation’s founder, said, “Firefighters need special tools on their trucks to help save your four-legged friends…pets are family too and now we are able to save their lives in an emergency.” For more information on The Fetch Foundation, Marie Peck can be contacted at 602-617-2656.”

End of press release