LUBBOCK, Texas — The Miracles Christmas Parade has been around for the last 19 years, though two of those years it was cancelled. It’s an ongoing Lubbock tradition.

The parade started off as a way to promote 34th street.

“…Then it took on a life of its own, and we spun off the parade from the 34th Street Association.” Jeff Reese, co chairman of the Miracles Christmas Parade, said.

Reese said you’ll see tons of floats along with people doing the “parade wave.”

“Lighted floats, bands, cheerleaders, little dancing groups, Boy Scout troop with the honor guard with the flags.” Reese said.

The parade is possible through tons of volunteering from the Wranglers group and great partnerships and sponsers.

“There, this is where it all comes together. That plan that we’ve been working on for several months now is to get all of those little things at the last minute where they’re supposed to be.” Reese said.

Reese said in the past they’ve seen over 30,000 people attend.

“And there’s plenty of room for people to come and sit in their pickups, or cars or vehicles or put their lawn chairs out and watch a great parade runs two miles from Avenue Q down into Indiana.” Spike Wideman, Media Coordinator for the Miracles Parade, said.

Planning for the next parade starts the day after.

“We will start the night after the parade, we will have a wrangler meeting to kind of debrief everybody on what they observed that that might have been something we could have prevented are needed to do differently.” Wideman said.

The 17th Annual Miracle Christmas Parade will be Saturday, December 3 at 6:00 p.m.