Lubbock gets 20 new recycling bins near Texas Tech campus

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LUBBOCK, Texas- The City of Lubbock and Texas Tech University have partnered together to help make recycling more accessible to the community by providing new recycling bins.

The city provided 20 new recycle bins and planted them at 3122 Main Street. According to the city, the bins can be used by both Texas Tech students and Lubbock residents alike.

Abbi McVaney, a senior at Texas Tech, said she utilized the school’s previous recycling program until it was shut down last year.

“I actually drove up with a car full of trash, ready to drop it off,” said McVaney, “I just came and saw the sign outside and it said it was closed until further notice due to COVID.”

McVaney said the original program only required her to bring a bag of trash and that the volunteers would sort through the bag and recycle each item. She said she hopes the new bins encourage all community members to help preserve the environment.

“It’s not just our place, our planet,” said McVaney. “This is a shared environment, and looking out for the environment, looking out for the world, is looking out for yourself.

Ty Mitchell, Chair of the Committee of Sustainability for Texas Tech’s Student Government’s Association, said now that the new recycle center is in place, he and his peers will work on helping their peers learn the importance of recycling.

“Now that recycling is accessible for students again, I think the most important part for student government would be to educate students and provide them with opportunities to know how, the where, and to make it something that we can start getting back into our routine,” said Mitchell.

Carey Hewett, Director for Services and Campus Sustainability Officer at Texas Tech Business Services, said recycling efforts of students and faculty have helped the university earn a ‘Bronze’ rating on the Association for Advancement of Sustainability Tracking.

Hewett said it’s important to recycle clean material into each container and to follow instructions on each bin. Hewett said he hopes students that might not have considered recycling before can consider learning.

“The word is just now getting out, but as you notice, they’re already starting to use the bins here on campus,” Hewett said. “And that’s a good sign. We hope this takes off.”

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