LUBBOCK, Texas— A Lubbock restaurant announced in a social media its new hamburger challenge.

The All American Eatery and Catering Co. told the challenge would include a burger made with six half-pound burger patties, topped with two mozzarella sticks, alongside a pound of French fries and a pound onion rings.

Restaurant owner Abel Rocha said when he was younger he always wanted to try the “Big Texan Steak Challenge” in Amarillo and had the goal of doing something similar in Lubbock.

According to Rocha, if a patron finished the challenge in 60 minutes or less the meal is free. The challenger’s name goes on the wall, plus there’s a t-shirt and a trophy.

If a person doesn’t complete the challenge the 60 minute challenge, must pay for the $65 meal.

Rocha said the challenge officially starts on May 15 but has encouraged high school athletes, coaches, and athletics directors to try it as a way to promote the event around the community.

If you would like to try the challenge call All American Eatery and Catering Co. at 806-368-6304 for more information.