LUBBOCK, Texas– The Hub City set to celebrate Juneteenth’s Rise Up Festival over a series of fun events June 16th to 18th. Rise up co-chairs DJuana McPherson and Cory Powell said the federally recognized holiday gives the community a chance to come together to celebrate a major milestone in American history. 

“It’s important for not just our community to celebrate,” McPherson said,“but for the entire city to come out and celebrate, because it changed the world.” 

Powell said this year is more important than ever to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on the expansions of freedoms and civil liberties in the United State over time. Powell also said this historic marker should bring the community closer together as the nation continues to change and evolve.    

“Allow us to come together and say it’s a celebration of the human spirit– It’s a celebration of resiliency. It’s a celebration of perseverance, and tenacity, and to unify as a country,” Powell said. 

Juneteenth officially became a federal holiday back in 2021, Powell said it represents the progress and hopefulness at the core of the nation.

“For some communities, Juneteenth has been kind of a hidden thing –like a secret. Now that it’s a federal holiday people are learning,” Powell said, “because it was not in the history books. I’d never learned about Juneteenth in history books. I grew up in a family blessed to grow up in a family with a connection. So, I learned from my mother the importance of Juneteenth. We’ve lived now in a time where there’s so many more freedoms and people kind of forget that it wasn’t always the case. That we didn’t always get this day. But now to have this be broadened to be a national federal holiday, which includes everyone that it’s an opportunity for us to learn. And now the history books can show a part that perhaps was omitted.”