LUBBOCK, Texas – It’s a question we’ve been asking for years. When will the Lubbock County Expo Center be done?

LCEC board members along with the Lubbock Government Corporation met Wednesday to discuss fundraising. The two boards have been working together on the major project that ran into some growing pains due to the pandemic and inflation.

Now remember, the Expo Center is being mostly paid for through the county’s hotel and rental car tax. However, more money is still needed. Board members discussed possibly taking the project to the legislature, to see what funding they could get from Austin.

Developer Greg Garfield said there are multiple sponsor opportunities, and that means the board will move on to naming rights. They are close to figuring out who will get those.

While it is a slow-moving project, officials assure that the Expo Center is happening. They said they are looking to break ground on the 6,000 seat arena in the first quarter of 2023.