OKLAHOMA — Loved mother and grandmother, Michelle Mcree, was visiting a friend in Oklahoma when she was attacked by the friend’s 2 pit bulls.

Mcree was immediately rushed to the emergency room and was taken right into surgery. Mcree’s reported injuries were severe. 

The victim’s daughter, Whitney Barnes, said the hospital called her Septembre 10. Barnes and her husband immediately traveled overnight while her mother was in surgery. 

“The surgeon just told her it was a miracle. That if it had been a couple inches higher on her thigh it would have hit a major artery and she would have bled out,” Barnes said.  

Barnes’ request to have her mother relocated to a hospital in Lubbock was denied. She was told Mcree was blessed to have a bed at all. 

“I reached out to her primary care physician,” Barnes said. “She should be grateful that she even has a bed and is able to get the surgeries that she needs because there could have been a chance there wasn’t even an opening for her here [in Oklahoma].”  

Barnes said her mother still has a long way to recover. Doctors believe Mcree may be able to walk again with physical therapy. Barnes set up a GoFundMe that will assist with her mother’s medical expenses including her physical therapy.