LUBBOCK, Texas — A Dallas-born and raised man and his mother have a vision – bring lacrosse to Lubbock and eventually make it a UIL sport.

Jordan Adkins, 28, has been playing lacrosse for as long as he can remember with his mother Jana Adkins, 50, who calls herself a ‘lacrosse mom,’ supporting him the whole way. The two established the Lubbock Lazers last spring when the organization hosted its first beginner clinic.

But why lacrosse in Lubbock?

“Lubbock is a passionate community for sports,” according to Jordan. “We had heard from many different parents, friends, that they were interested in lacrosse but there was no lacrosse in Lubbock.”

Outside of baseball, there are not many options for spring sports in Lubbock, according to Jordan.

“Lacrosse is for people looking for something, fast, exciting. It is a contact sport,” Jordan said.

The Lubbock Lazers goal right now is to have a well-developed and robust program for Lubbock and surrounding areas, then eventually reach a point where they have high school boys and girls and youth boys and girls teams underneath them.

Long-term, the Lazers hope to make Lacrosse a UIL sport in Texas, Jordan said. Currently, the Texas High School Lacrosse League is the governing body. Jordan explained that until lacrosse has a significant presence in West Texas, it does not have a UIL future.

Jana mentioned that at all their events, the Lubbock Lazers provide loaner equipment for those who want to try the sport before deciding to play and spend money on their own equipment. The organization will begin its next training season during the spring, in hopes of playing some tournaments in the summer.

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