Lubbock Health Department gets new medical bus

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock has received a new bus made for medical use to help more people get access to healthcare.

Director of Public Health Katherine Wells said the 32-foot bus will allow them to give vaccinations and other public health services without having to worry about outside weather elements.

The bus comes complete with vaccine refrigerators, sitting spaces to administer vaccines, wifi capabilities, and also includes a generator that is powerful enough to power three homes.

Wells said the bus and its tools came as a pleasant surprise to the medical staff and employees at the health department.

“We’ve given we’ve done over 200 vaccination clinics in the last year. We’re still doing contact tracing and telephone calls,” said Wells. “And, you know, now that we’re seeing an uptick in cases with the new variant, this has just been a break from the day.”

Ray Covarrubio, a public health nurse at the Lubbock Health Department, said the bus is going to make it easier for staff because the space allows them to store all their medical supplies in one place.

“When parents are off or, you know, if there is an early dismissal, this allows us to be flexible just to drop in at that moment,” said Covarrubio. “Everything’s ready to go because a lot of time it takes us about an hour just to load up all of our stuff and then go up there, set it up.”

Covarrubio said their health department not only has the City of Lubbock in mind, but they’re hoping to be able to reach out to surrounding communities.

“We’re all about public health and we want to help out our neighbors and our friends, our family and help them through any crises, and you know, we got COVID going on still,” said Covarrubio. “There are probably things to come later on and if and when that happens, we’re ready.”

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