LUBBOCK, Texas – With only one confirmed case of monkeypox in town, the City of Lubbock said on Tuesday that it is prepared to see a few more cases, but vaccines are limited.

“They still have very strict requirements on who’s able to receive that vaccine and you have to have a close, confirmed contact, but the state has given us about 100 doses,” said Katherine Wells, the Director of Public Health with the City of Lubbock.

100 doses is a small portion of the 15,000 vaccines given to the state of Texas.

“In Dallas and Houston, they’ve received larger allocations of vaccines. So, they’re able to start vaccinating some of those high risk groups. We’re seeing vaccination campaigns in New York, in Washington, DC. We just haven’t gotten that for us in Lubbock yet, but we continue to advocate,” Wells shared.

However, there is no timeline on when Lubbock could see additional vaccines.

“We’re starting to develop plans on how we will offer that vaccine to a large number of people. So, it’s like COVID all over,” she said, adding that monkeypox is not nearly as contagious as the coronavirus. “It is good that we were able to get an allocation from the state so that people don’t have to wait if they’ve been exposed. We’re able to give that right away.”

Men who are sexually involved with other men are especially at risk.

“We want to make sure that individuals in that group here in Lubbock are vaccinated. We also want to open that up to healthcare workers, maybe people with high risk jobs where they have skin-to-skin contact with individuals. For instance, like a massage therapist,” the city official explained.

For concerned parents, Wells said children will not be getting back-to-school monkeypox vaccines.

“The vaccine, I don’t even think, is approved for anybody under the age of 18. It’s really just monitoring to make sure that [monkeypox] doesn’t spread into larger parts of our community.”

Anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to monkeypox should contact the health department.