LUBBOCK, Texas — Last year, several home care staffing agencies in Lubbock were operating at nearly 50% capacity. Today, those agencies are on the road to recovery, they told KLBK News on Wednesday.

Best In-Home Care said they are doing so much better that they are out looking for jobs instead of turning them down because they finally have enough staff. However, the balance between caregivers and clients is tough to find, they added.

“You get a lot of caregivers, but your clients are not calling. The phones aren’t ringing as much,” said Tracy Nelson, a registered nurse with Best In-Home Care. “Then the opposite can happen when you’ve got all these caregivers sitting on the bench, with no clients for jobs, and that’s kind of where we are right now.”

Nelson said they offered sign-on bonuses and increased their wages, while also increasing customer costs to match the difference, which helped them find more caregivers.

The COVID-19 Pandemic caused staffing shortages for other local agencies as well, including Caprock Home Health, which was operating at 50% capacity last year. The agency now operates at 75% capacity, they told KLBK News.

“COVID hit us pretty hard, so we became really understaffed. Now, it’s starting to pick back up. We’re starting to get back on our feet where we are getting more attendants to come in and help us do what they need to do with our clients,” said Nykki Lee, Caprock Home Health Supervisor.

Caiden Enriquez has worked with Cornerstone Caregiving for 2.5 years and he said it’s not pandemic recovery they are struggling with, but rather, the increasing demand for in-home care.

“They want to be where they’re comfortable. They want to be kind of in the environment that they’re familiar with, which is obviously in their home, and so, we’ve seen an increase in people [with] that need,” said Enriquez, adding that Cornerstone Caregiving must now meet the demand by hiring more caregivers.

All of the aforementioned home care staffing agencies said they are still hiring and are looking for individuals who are passionate about the work and people-oriented.