LUBBOCK, Texas — On Tuesday, Lubbock Impact Inc. announced it was recently granted $30,000 by the the Deaconess Associations Incorporated’s Deaconess Foundation for expansion of The Free Dental Clinic.

According to a press release from Lubbock Impact Inc., The Free Dental Clinic is run by local dentists, dental assistants and pre-dental students who volunteer their time every Wednesday night.

With the grant, Lubbock Impact Inc. was able to create a fourth operating room and purchase 2 new dental chairs and an air compressor.

“The updated equipment allows us to comfortably provide high-quality dental care. It also allows for a professional patient experience while being in a comfortable chair,” said Dr. Jordan Payne, DDS and Lubbock Impact Inc. board member in the press release.

Lubbock Impact Inc. said Deaconess is an independent, not-for-profit enterprise that manages diversified health services, investments and community grant initiatives

“Lubbock Impact is grateful that Deaconess recognized the healthcare services we are providing for the working poor that are uninsured. This expansion will help us to meet more dental needs in the Lubbock community. This grant is a significant blessing to our ministry,” said Lubbock Impact Inc. Executive Director Becky Robertson in the press release.