LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock ISD announced Tuesday that it plans to close Dupre Elementary School at the end of the school year.

“I will never forget Dupre because it has changed a lot of lives,” said Alisa Sisemore, who works with Dupree students as Director of the Elevate Hope Program.

Dupre parents found out Tuesday evening of the closure in a special meeting held at the school.  

“We have seen the numbers decline each and every year until this year we are actually less than 200 students,” said LISD Superintendent, Dr. Kathy Rollo.

Rollo said because of this decline the closure became a matter of economics and the cost per student.

“This is something that overtime the district has been working towards to try and be able to number one be efficient,” said Rollo.

Students at Dupre will be given the choice to go to either Carmona-Harrison or Brown Elementary School. LISD believing that these larger schools will provide better resources to the Dupre students.

“We know it means a lot to this neighborhood, but we also know that we owe the staff and the kids from this neighborhood the best education possible,” said LISD Board of Trustees member, Beth Bridges.

As for the staff, no teachers will lose their jobs.

“Many off the staff will actually go to Brown or Carmona-Harrison or another elementary campus but no one will lose their job. There is a place or everyone is Lubbock ISD,” said Bridges.

According to the schools Facebook page Dupre elementary is the oldest school building in Lubbock, having been constructed in 1927. Members of the community surrounding Dupre said they were upset to hear it’s closing.

“There a lot of nostalgia — this school’s been here a long time and for what I know it mean for these kids,” said Sisemore.

But LISD said they believe this is what’s best for their students.

“I also the know the value of what this will do for students and I believe as a district this is a good decision to move us forward,” said Rollo.

Now while LISD did inform parents of the school closure tonight the plan still has to be voted on by the LISD board of trustees and approval of the plan could come in November.

LISD also plans to keep the building and use it for other educational purposes, but plans for that are still being determined.