Lubbock ISD Police Chief responds to gun brought to Coronado Campus

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LUBBOCK, Texas — On Thursday, Lubbock Independent School District responded to reports of a student bringing a gun to campus. Seventeen-year-old Salvador Tienda was taken into custody on charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon and evading arrest, according to police.

This is the fourth weapon that has been taken to a school within the LISD in two months. The three previous occasions occurred at Smylie Wilson Middle School, a feeder school to Coronado. It is also where a clear-bag policy had been implemented Jan. 7.

Jody Scifres, Chief of Police with LISD said the incident is alarming.

“It’s very concerning obviously. When we have students with guns, it’s very concerning,” Scifres said. “Bad things can happen when there’s guns at school and in the hands of people that aren’t trained.”

For students at Coronado, the incident is just as unsettling.

“I was scared. I texted my mom and she said she had just gotten a phone call about it,” the student said.

In a statement, LISD said they notified parents immediately. It stated in part:

“Although no threats were made, the suspect was arrested by Lubbock ISD police and faces severe disciplinary action.”

“We want them to go to school, we want them to feel safe, and if they’re not feeling safe we need to know why so we can fix it. Bringing a gun to school is not the answer,” Scifres said.

Scifres said he is glad a student spoke up to tell the administrators about the weapon. He said as an officer, and as a Coronado High School parent, he is not concerned for his daughter’s safety.

“There’s no substitute for good relationships between students and adults,” Scifres said. “I feel a lot safer sending my daughter to Coronado versus sending her to Walmart at 10 o’clock at night.”

Scifres said the district is not rushing to make any changes to the school just yet. He said the high school is comprised of trained staff who are willing to do what they can to keep students safe.

The incident comes two days after the district held a safety and security meeting with parents at Coronado High School. LISD said they will continue to have those meetings.

The next meeting will be February 4 at Monterey High School.

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