LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock ISD police officer Daryl Kissell sued the LISD Wednesday in federal court.

Kissell claimed he was made to work overtime without getting overtime pay. He also claimed he was made to work hours without hourly pay.

“No justification or excuse existed for Defendant’s practice of failing to compensate [Kissell] one and one-half times [his] regular rate of pay for each overtime hour worked or to pay [Kissell] at least minimum wage for all hours worked,” the lawsuit said.

Times and dates were not included in the lawsuit. Lubbock ISD has not yet filed its side of the story in court records.

As of Wednesday, Kissell was listed on the LISD website as an officer with the LISD police department. The lawsuit also said Kissell has been a police officer with LISD from September 11, 1994 to the present.