LUBBOCK, Texas — As the sentencing phase of the Capital Murder trial for Hollis Daniels continued on Wednesday, prosecutors played the body camera video that showed Daniels shooting and killing Officer Floyd East.

Prior to the shooting, the video showed Daniels being taken into custody in his dorm room. In the video, Officer East stated, “We had the odor of marijuana coming from this room, and a report of a gunshot last night.” Daniels asked if he was under arrest, and Officer East responded, “Yes, sir.”

Contraband recovered from the dorm room included drug paraphernalia, unidentified pills, Xanax and Prozac.

While on the way to the Texas Tech Police Department, the sound of Daniels’s gun falling to the floor of the car was heard on the in-car camera footage. Daniels was seen putting the gun in his front waistband. East asked Daniels what was going on and Daniels said he was just trying to get comfortable.

At the police station, Officer East took off his body camera and placed it on the table.

Since the video was graphic, it was only showed to the jury and legal teams. However, the gallery was allowed to hear audio. Journalists said there was high anxiety in the courtroom, and jurors watched painfully.

A metal rattling sound and paper rustling was heard. Daniels said, “F***,” and flipped off the camera. Daniels asked Officer East, “Do you have any family at home?” After Officer East said yes, a gunshot was heard. The sound of a struggle was heard, and Daniels took off with the body camera.

A witness earlier in the day, Texas Tech Officer Tyler Snelson, described the moments after Officer East was shot. Officer Snelson said he heard a gunshot and ran to the briefing room where Officer East was found lying on the floor.

“We got an officer down, shot in the briefing room,” an officer was heard saying in body camera footage.

Daniels ran away from the Texas Tech police station but was captured about 90 minutes later. He has been in custody ever since.  Daniels already pleaded guilty, but the jury must decide if he can be put to death. 

Check for the latest updates as the trial continues.