LUBBOCK, Texas — A jury sentenced David Delce to 25 years in prison for the “brutal robbery” of a woman outside a Lubbock game room in December 2017. It was the same jury that found him guilty on Thursday.

The victim just got off work at the game room at 3502 Slide Road and was headed for her car along with a second woman. Testimony in the trial indicated a man approached her and hit her in the back of the head with gun – possibly a rifle. Surveillance video showed two men outside the game room. Later three men were charged with the crime.

The video showed the assailant running back to his vehicle to get away after taking game room money from the victim. They also took the second woman’s purse. The second woman was not injured.

A police report said the assailant hit the victim in the head with a gun three times. She had to go to the hospital to get stiches for her head wound.

The defense argued that Delce didn’t do it, and he was set up. Prosecutors said he was the security guard at the game room.

“The defendant was the insider, and therefore guilty by the law of parties,” prosecutors said at trial. Prosecutors made the case that Delce was working with the other two men, not against them.

Prosecutors played the surveillance video in court and told the jury it showed the robbers going directly to the main victim. They ignored Delce, prosecutors said.

“They didn’t try to attack him, they just let him be.”

Two other men, Dexter Lavander Braziel and Xavier Rashad Draper, were also charged with the crime. Prosecutors said if they all participated then they are all equally responsible under Texas law. The cases against Braziel Draper were still pending as of Friday.