Lubbock, Texas — Both the Lubbock Police Department and the Department of Public Safety gave some tips to have a safe Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday kids look forward to because they get to dress up and go door to door to get candy said LPD.

Cpl. Tony Leal of LPD said Halloween night many people will be out with their kids and family and to be aware of those that are crossing the street or walking in residential neighborhoods.

“We would advise parents that are taking larger groups out to keep that to a manageable number around ten or so so that they can properly and safely monitor the trick-or-treaters as they’re out and about,” said Leal, “We’d also recommend that you wear something reflective or bright or even carry your flashlight if you’re going to be out after dark”.

Leal explains that by having some light on while trick or treating you’re more visible to drivers and anyone that may not see you due to your costume.

And as for the drivers, DPS Sgt. Johnny Bures said to slow down if you are driving in those neighborhoods and watch for anyone that may cross the street on or off the crosswalk.

Bures said that it is important to remember that with this holiday, it is not only kids and their families you should watch for on the streets, but also people who are attending costume parties and house parties.

Bures said to always plan ahead when it comes to drinking.

“Once you get to the party, then you and have a safe way home, you know, planning ahead for that,” Bures said.