LUBBOCK, Texas – State Representative Dustin Burrows of Lubbock threw a bucket of cold water on the University of Texas and Oklahoma University Thursday afternoon. UT and OU contacted the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with an interest in joining, as first reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Such a move would be devastating to the Big 12, according to many observers including the Associated Press. The Big 12 currently includes Texas Tech.

“The TX Legislature appropriates millions of dollars to our public institutions of higher ed every session,” Burrows said via Twitter. “When tax dollars are involved, there should be zero allowance for secrecy, especially when it comes to far-reaching and impactful decisions by our universities.”

Burrows continued, “Any discussions surrounding UT’s potential exit from the Big XII should be completely transparent and thoroughly vetted rather than held behind closed doors between big donors and administrators.”

On Thursday, CBS Sports reporter Dennis Dodd tweeted, “Big 12 ADs and CEOs meeting at 5 pm today to discuss Texas, OU situation.”

So far, Texas Tech has not offered a public comment. UT and OU both offered brief statements on Wednesday, both of which were neither a confirmation nor a denial of their discussions with the SEC.