LUBBOCK, Texas — Legislation is making its way through the Texas House and Senate and, if passed, it would rename a portion of Farm-to-Market Road 40 in Lubbock County “The Maines Brothers Band Highway,” county officials said on Thursday.

“We were looking for ways that we could help honor the Maines brothers and one of the ideas was renaming a portion of Farm-to-Market Road 40, which goes right through Acuff, the original hometown of the Maines brothers,” said Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish. “The original Maines brothers going back to the fifties.”

In December 2022, members of the Lubbock County Commissioner’s Court unanimously passed a resolution in support of the road’s renaming to show legislators in Austin that it’s a worthy initiative, because renaming a state road must be approved in the Texas Legislature.

Chairman Dustin Burrows followed suit, filing House Bill 2590, along with State Senator Charles Perry who filed Senate Bill 268.

“I’ve loved this family for a very long time. Not just as musicians, but as people,” Judge Parrish began. “Kenny Maines is a former county commissioner here. He worked in this office as a county commissioner. They have served- not just in the entertainment part of our community- they serve our community.”

The band said that “The Maines Brothers Band Highway” had a nice ring to it.

“We’re very honored and humbled to be considered for [the] naming of a part of a highway that we grew up on out at Acuff,” said bandmember Steve Maines. “That community and the people there have always been very, very close to our hearts. So, very honored and excited about the possibility.

Maines said the renaming is a process and they are patiently awaiting approval from the state to see where it all leads.

Judge Parrish said he hopes a decision will be made by the time The Maines Brothers Band performs at the Lubbock Arts festival in mid-April.

You can learn more about The Maines Brothers Band here.