Lubbock local businesses making a comeback during the holiday season

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The holiday shopping countdown is on. Many small businesses in the Hub City said Tuesday this holiday season has been drastically different from where things stood a year ago. A study done in November predicted 83 percent of Americans would shop locally this year. 

Becky Taylor, owner of Big Papa and Big Mama’s, said business picked up over the last few weeks and people are craving local goods — including jarred food preserves like pickles, olives and salsas.

“This has been fabulous. We have seen shoppers come out more than normal,” Taylor said. “Christmas has been fabulous this year. We have seen shoppers come out just wanting to get out — just wanting to shop local which we really appreciate.” 

KK’s Corner Mall houses more than a hundred local small businesses. Business owners as well as employees have felt the increase. Carson Rogers said she has worked at the mall for the last two years. Rogers said things were pretty slow last holiday season, but this year she’s always busy restocking. 

“The supplies are really in demand right now, and it’s hard to get stuff,” Rogers said. “So, I think people are just nervous. Not only do they want to shop locally, but also they don’t want to get their gifts after Christmas.” 

One concern all retailers have, especially during the holidays, are shoplifters. However, KK’s Corner Mall’s Head of Marketing Krisi Frazer said it hasn’t been a big problem for KK’s over the last few months. 

Frazer said one of the ways owners discouraged theft is making sure they have extra eyes keeping watch.   

“We for sure have had a little bit of shoplifting, but no big offenders like we’ve had in the past,” Frazer said. “We are geared up 365 days a year, we’ve got 64 cameras throughout our store, and we’ve got a security officer that scans those cameras every single minute of the day, and just helps us have an extra eye on things.” 

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