LUBBOCK, Texas – Residents across the hub city have already started to prepare for football season, setting up tents and tables for their tailgates. 

Tailgate Express, a Tailgating company has been helping organizations and families kick off their game day experience since 2012.

“We’re setting up about 60 Different tailgates and then, you know, for the UT game, we’ll set up over 100 Different tailgates for people,” said John English, Owner and CEO of Tailgate Express. 

English says the best way to have a good tailgating experience is to come prepared and stay hydrated.

“If you’re going to do it on your own, because no matter what, you’re going to get out here and realize you forgot something, or your generators are not going to work and your TV signals are not going to work, you can call us to get that fixed,” said English. “But really just ice ice. It’s September and it’s going to be hot. So get more ice than you think you need.”

Tailgate Express also recommends setting up early, sometimes seeing people set up as early as 10 am.

“People will start getting out here as early as probably 10am to tailgate and you also need to for every alcoholic beverage you consume you better drink two waters, because that’s a long day,” English said.  

English says his business helps fans set up their area completely without the hassle. “We’re all in 100% tailgating and hospitality providers where literally you as a fan, or a client could contact us, tell us how many people you’re bringing and that’s really all we need to know. We can take care of the rest of the set up, your entire structure, your tent, your tables, your chairs, your TVs, your coolers, your food.”

Texas Tech is also providing students with free passes for RaiderGate, to reserve a spot you can visit the website here. 

For more information about Tailgate Express you can visit their website here.