LUBBOCK, Texas– Nathan Hicks, 43, was arrested on Thursday and accused of assaulting a woman and holding a gun to her head, according to court documents obtained by on Monday.

According to the court documents, Hicks was seen dragging a woman out of a home. Prior to the altercation, Hicks accused the victim of “flirting with guys in the neighborhood,” which led to the victim kicking Hicks out of the house, court documents said.

Hicks was able to get back in the house by crawling through a bedroom window and got into a physical altercation with the victim, court docs said.

Court documents accused Hicks of slamming the victim’s head into a toilet and pushing her to the floor. The victim tried to trip Hicks by grabbing his leg but was unsuccessful.

Hicks then dragged the victim out of the house; when she stood up, Hicks held a gun to the back of the victim’s head, according to court documents. After being confronted by a family member of the victim, Hicks retreated back into the house, court documents said.

According to online jail records, Hicks was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon. As of Monday afternoon, Hicks remained at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $96,000.