LUBBOCK, Texas — Eric Anthony Juarez, 31, was arrested on Tuesday, September 14, and accused of tackling and strangling a woman back in 2022, according to court documents obtained by on Friday.

According to court documents, Juarez and the victim went out to a Lubbock establishment where Juarez accused the victim of looking at other men. Later that night, Juarez and the victim began arguing and agreed to sleep in separate rooms, according to court records.

The victim went to ask Juarez a question, which led Juarez to chase the victim down a hallway and “tackle” her to the floor, court documents said. Juarez then started “to strangle” and punch the victim an unknown number of times in the face, according to court documents.

Court documents said officers found the victim with bruising on her forehead, scratches on her neck and a bruise on her right knee.

Juarez was charged with Assault of a Family/House Member. As of Monday afternoon, Juarez remained at the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $60,800 bond.